Part two: Production workshop youthworx

Teaching will be focused around the hands on application of filmmaking from idea through to production through to post production. The doing.

Turning the creative ideas developed in Part One into a tangible short piece (trailer/scene etc). The group will work through a range of skill-based activities where they will cover the core essentials of filmmaking while working toward producing their group devised creative pieces.

Topics covered will include framing and composition, doco shooting, narrative shooting, multi camera setups, basic lighting and working with sound. These skills will then be applied to the development of the short pieces and layered with understanding the logistics of shooting (production planning; organising locations, actors, shot lists etc.) and the creative decisions that need to be made on set (directing actors etc.). There will then be the opportunity to learn some basic editing skills and input into the finished pieces.

Workshops will be hands on with an emphasis on developing the practical skills through doing and through sharing knowledge. It is anticipated that while people will end up taking on different production roles on the finished pieces that there will be opportunities throughout to try different aspects of production from being behind the camera, in front of the camera, setting up and monitoring sound, helping with lighting, organising schedules, directing on screen ‘talent’ and learning to edit.

The Masterclass program will comprise of a 5 week Program of 3 days per week developed and delivered by YOUTHWORX.

Week 1 Mon 3rd - 5th Dec 2018

Week 2 Mon 10th - 12th Dec 2018

Week 3 Mon 17th - 19th Dec 2018


Week 4 Mon 7th - 9th Jan 2019

Week 5 Mon 14th - 16th Jan 2019

Proudly supported by our Principle Sponsor Creative Victoria

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