Part one: four masterclasses compton school

1. Strategic choices in creative life

In creative life we are defined, for better or worse, by what we make. The right project can propel a career forward; the wrong project can slow or stop it. Choosing what to make is therefore strategic. In this masterclass we will study the elements of project choice. We will look in particular at the movie greenlight process, learn how to harness the wisdom of crowds in project selection, and adapt lean start-upprinciples to the development process.

2. Coming together in a creative enterprise

Every film is a venture into the unknown. A group of people must come together and, trusting in each other, spend months or even years working as a team on a creative project – a project that is also a business. Finding the right structure is essential, one that binds the team and rewards them for the work they do and the risks they take, both creative and financial. In this masterclass we will study some of the innovative business structures creative people have used to work together successfully.

3. Unpacking the content ‘black box’

Content is a ‘black box’, a puzzle with many parts. Creators must unpack the box, the many options, property rights and creative possibilities. This actor? That location? TV, movie or web? This deal or that one? The permutations multiply as the project develops and then must be reduced, sequentially, to bring the project into production. In this masterclass we work at solving the puzzle – the art and business of producing.

4. Sharing the equity pie

Creative ventures are dynamic, evolving over time. People come in and out of them, the scope changes, sometimes the scale too. To accommodate this, the form of the venture itself must be dynamic. So in this masterclass we will study slicing pie, a simple equity model devised by entrepreneur Mike Moyers to enable fair and flexible sharing. We will also examine intellectual property – the key ideas and the different models. Our goal will be to create a shared understanding of sharing amongst the team members. 

The masterclass program will comprise of four one-day masterclasses developed and delivered by COMPTON SCHOOL:

• Saturday 10 November 2018

• Saturday 17 November 2018

• Saturday 19 January 2019

• Saturday 2 February 2019

Teaching will be face-to-face, collaborative, and propelled forward by a live search for great creative ideas. This search will continue throughout the program.

Proudly Supported by Film Victoria & Creative Victoria